We use a comprehensive, multi-step process to ensure that you

  • Understand the state of your hearing
  • Understand all of your options, including doing nothing
  • Find the best hearing device for you - power, feel, look
  • Continue to have the best hearing possible 

Step 1: FREE No Obligation Hearing Evaluation


Even if you don’t suspect you have hearing issues, it is a good idea to be evaluated. It’s like a wellness check or physical. If you do notice some communication difficulties it is especially important. Occasionally, ear wax build-up or fluid in the ear is the culprit, and those issues can often be readily resolved. If that is the problem, you want to fix it or it could turn into something permanent. The only way to know for sure is through a hearing evaluation. Knowing this information is a good thing, not a bad thing. Knowledge empowers you to see your options and make wise decisions about those options. Doing nothing is still one of those options. At Eichler Hearing, there is no cost or no obligation for a hearing evaluation.

To schedule your free no obligation hearing evaluation, call us now 1-800-441-1431 or complete the form below. 

Step 2: Your hearing evaluation results

Once we have evaluated your hearing, we will walk you though a detailed explanation of the results using your printed copy, and explain what is going on with your hearing. We’ll identify what is causing you to hear the way that you are hearing, or maybe why you aren’t hearing certain things, or aren’t hearing things clearly. It is important that you understand why you are having challenges so that you can be comfortable moving forward with the process if that is what you choose to do. If your test results indicate problems with wax, we can often help you with interventions to alleviate that problem. If you have fluid build-up, you will probably be referred to a Ear, Nose and Throat physician for treatment.  If your hearing loss is the result of nerve damage or deterioration, we can guide you through the process of deciding if hearing aids are the next step for you.


Step 3: Understanding your challenges

After the evaluation and discussion about the results of your test, it is your turn to explain to us how your hearing issues are affecting your life. What situations are most important for you to resolve? Is it being able to hear the TV or on the phone? Is the biggest issue for you being able to enjoy yourself in a group of people around the table at home or at a restaurant? Are you wanting to hear better in church or other large settings? Or maybe you want to be able to go to a ball game and enjoy visiting with a friend in the stands. It is important that we understand your needs before proceeding on in the process.


Step 4: Reviewing your options

Once we have identified the situations in which you have the most difficulty or want to improve most, we will look at the different options that are available in hearing aids. We will look at different styles—the kind that fit in your ear, over, or behind your ear. We will show you what is required to put on, clean, and care for the different styles, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will look at your budget and the technology that you will need in your hearing aids in order to accomplish your goals, then determine the best hearing aid for you.


Step 5: No-Up-Front-Cost FREE Hearing Aid Trial


At Eichler Hearing Center we offer free, no-up-front-cost hearing aid trails. This allows you to wear the hearing aids in your normal, everyday life situations and find out if the hearing aid helps you. And because you don't have to pay for the hearing aid up front you're able to simply focus your attention on hearing better.

Step 6: Check in and review progress

After you have had the chance to wear the hearing aids in your normal everyday life, to see how they work for you in the situations in which you are having difficulty, we will review your progress. We’ll ask you to come back and walk through how it went, and find out if there are places where we need to make improvements in the settings to better accommodate your needs. We will also make sure the hearing aid is fitting well and feeling comfortable.


Step 7: Purchase & 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

After your trial period, you will need to decide if the improved hearing you have experienced is worth the investment in hearing aids. If you decide to proceed, we will go through the process, do the paperwork, and you will pay for the hearing aids by whichever payment option you choose. Once they are paid for, you will have an additional 60 day guarantee. This means that you can bring the hearing aids back at any time, for any reason, during that 2-month period and get your money back.


Step 8: Follow-Up, Service & the Future

The last step in the process—and in my opinion, the most important—is the service you will receive going forward. One of my top priorities is that you are comfortable talking to me, calling me, and asking questions. If things aren’t right, I want to know. A breakdown in communication between patient and provider is often to blame for someone getting frustrated with their hearing aids and giving up. I don’t want that to happen. Hearing aids are too big of an investment and too important to your health to end up in your sock drawer, so I am committed to your success. Going forward, there are going to be appointments, adjustments, and things that you will need. It is important that you are comfortable with that. I will see you, on average, a couple of times a year going forward. We will contact you on a regular basis to make sure that you have what you need, and I want you to be comfortable contacting me. If you need anything, we can address that right away and you can continue to be successful with your hearing aids. That means you will be free to focus on the important stuff—hearing your friends and family and participating freely and actively in conversations, free from the worry that you won’t hear somebody or have to guess what they said. Our desire is that your hearing aids will enhance your quality of life and help you maintain the important connections to other people that make life enjoyable.


To schedule your free hearing evaluation, complete the form below or contact us now 1-800-441-1431