Understanding Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing aid prices depend on many factors.

Hearing aids vary widely in price – you can buy a hearing aid for $200 or for $2000.  So what’s the difference?  The $200 hearing aid you might see advertised in magazine is built with old technology and is just an amplifier – it makes everything louder, the conversation you want to hear, and the background noise that makes the conversation hard to hear.

The $2000 hearing aid is a miniature computer that actively monitors the sound around you, filters out the background noise, and amplifies and clarifies the conversation you are in or the music you are listening to.

Good hearing aids are highly sophisticated devices that are a marvel of electronic miniaturization.  Each device includes one or more tiny microphones, amplifier, and speaker, with logic circuits that handle things like noise cancellation and directional logic, to enable you to hear more clearly.   The newest devices allow you to connect directly with your smart phone, TV, computer, or audio system, so the sound comes right into your ear.

The cost or your hearing aids also includes follow-up visits, adjustments, and cleanings over the life of your device.

Technology and Cost

The basic variable in hearing aid cost is the level of technology in a device, which correlates to the amount of hearing loss it needs to correct.  The greater the hearing loss, the higher the level of technology required, and the higher the cost.  Cost is also affected by:

  • Physical design - the smaller the device, the higher the cost
  • Number of features - from a basic set to functions like noise reduction and Bluetooth support
  • Accessories – like remote controls, apps, Bluetooth connectors, computer streamers

To advance the technology and provide better and better devices, hearing aid manufacturers constantly invest in research and development, which is factored into the cost of today’s hearing aids.  Investments in hearing aid development totals hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

While the initial cost of a hearing aid may seem high, the daily cost to have good hearing is around $2.00 per day, about what you pay for cable, since devices last 5 years or longer.

Free, No Obligation, Trial

We know that buying hearing aids is a big investment and we want you to be absolutely comfortable with your purchase.  So, we offer a 7-day, no obligation, free trial.  Use your hearing aids for a week and see how they work, how they fit, and the difference they make in your life.  There is no obligation, and if you are not completely satisfied, you do not have to purchase the hearing aids.

Financing and Special Pricing

If the cost of the hearing aids you need doesn’t fit in your budget, we have four programs to help you:

  • No-Interest payments for up to 12 months
  • Subsidized pricing based on your income
  • Discounted pricing based on your income
  • Long-term financing for up to 60 months

“No one should be denied good hearing because of their finances. We will find a way to serve everyone.” 

 - Cameron Eichler, Eichler Hearing Center

Subsidized  Pricing

If your income is at or below the federal poverty level, you may qualify for hearing aids subsidized through the Hear Now program of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This program provides hearing aids at a greatly reduced price to low income families.  For example, if you qualify, you can receive hearing aids costing $6000 for $250.  We will help you complete and file the application to apply for this program.

Discounted Pricing

If your income is between the federal poverty level and 2.5 times the poverty level, you may qualify for Eichler Hearing’s income-based discounted pricing, as follows:

Your Income as a percent of the federal poverty level

100%  to 150%

151% to  200%

151% to  200%

Percent Discount on your Hearing Aids




Enter your income to see if you qualify for one of these programs

Note that final qualification is based on completing application forms

No-Interest Payments

6 or 12 months options are available for those who qualify. Care Credit®️, a national organization that provides financing for a range of procedures and health services.  We will help you complete and file the application for this option.

Long-Term Financing

We also provide financing for up to 60 months through Care Credit®️, a national organization that provides financing for a range of procedures and health services. There is a finance charge which goes to Care Credit and you must qualify for this program.   We will help you complete and file Credit Care’s application.

Enter the cost of your hearing aids to see your monthly payment

Cost of your hearing aids:

Monthly Payment for 6 months:

Monthly Payment for 12 months:

Note that final qualification is based on completing application forms

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