Take this 1-Minute Quiz to See How Well You Really Hear

Just Answer True or False

• You can hear, but you can’t always understand.

• You are not sure if it was it “dime” or “time”, “take” or “bake”.

• You have difficulty understanding what is being said unless you are  facing the speaker.

• You find yourself complaining that people are mumbling.

• You are continually asking people to repeat words or phrases.

• You prefer the TV or radio louder than others do.

• You have difficulty understanding conversation within a group of people.

• You avoid group meetings where listening may be difficult.

• You have trouble understanding at the movies or at church.

• You have ringing in your ears or other head noises.

• Someone close to you has mentioned that you might have a problem with your hearing.

If you answered True to one or more of these questions,
you would benefit from having a hearing evaluation.

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